Shotgun standing up
The One foot in the Game Team
And so I introduce to you the team to make the One Foot in the Game dream become a nightmare…
We are a collective of sometime ranting football fans, from Liverpool to Luton, we cover nearly every division in the UK, plus interests in Spain and Italy.
We talk football everyday via email, Facebook and face to face. So why waste that verbal gold when we can share it with you lucky blog readers?
What to expect?

Anything remotely related to football, from Luton’s continual plight out of the Football League, to why Sheffield United just can’t win a playoff final, to just what goes on in the mind of Joey Barton, will be debated on this very blog.

We will try to be analytical and are always open to debate. I hope you enjoy our journalism. Yes, I said journalism. After all, Sports journalists are only paid to have an opinion (usually the wrong one) after years of being around football, and the same could be said of us. We will try to post as much as we can – from weekly to daily.
So get involved, tell us we are wrong – but politely, we aren’t animals – and join in. We might only have one foot in the game, but we also have every brain cell there, too.
Do stay up to date on our Twitter page.

15 Comments on “About

  1. Hi guys, im looking into creating a football blog/website, and was wondering what website you used to make it, where you got your domain name, and whether you have to pay wikipedia for the pictures?

    would really appreciate this help

  2. I would like to recommend the following two recently-published books:
    The Home Internationals, 1946-1984, by the King of Trivia
    This fact-filled book is the first publication to chronicle all 226 matches in the British International Championship since the Second World War.
    England’s World Cup Adventures written by Talented Loser
    All the team line-ups, the clubs that the players represented, and the match facts are found in a reference book that covers all 151 World Cup matches.

  3. Hi guys,

    I’m sure you’re not often contacted by PRs (or maybe you are), but I represent a company that’s trying to make it easier and more affordable for fans to get to games by sharing (or renting), spare seats in their car to other fans.

    We’re trying to build the service through fan sites rather than national media at this stage and I have a press release I’d be keen to send you if you’d be interested.

    There are other options such as link banks and logo partner sharing that we’d be happy to do as well if you’d be interested in that sort of thing too.

    Let me know.



  4. Hello!
    I would like to send you some information on UEFA Euro 2012 Host City – Gdańsk and it’s social media activities for foreign football fans. If you’re interested, please reply!

    Best regards!

  5. Hi,

    We were fed up of having to do boring ‘pick a team’ sweepstakes in our office during football tournaments so for Euro 2012 we’ve created a pretty unique prediction competition using excel spreadsheets and was hoping you might help with the promotion of it through your blog?
    Please find attached a copy of the ten player version so you can see how it all works. Hope you find it worthy of mentioning wherever you can.
    The site it’s hosted on is here http://www.ramart79.com/euro-2012-sweepstake-excel/ so any links to it would be hugely appreciated.

    Thanks for any help you can offer.

  6. Hello,

    This is a new project that will be focused in displaying information mainly about premier league and la liga, with well written and newsworthy content.

    Are you are interested in sharing links?

    Best regards,

    Daniel Neto

  7. Hi,

    I hope you are well.

    Could you please get in touch if you are interested in helping me out. I’m working with a local charity to help promote a fundraising event that tackles poverty in Leeds, UK and wondered if you’d be interested in helping out by publishing this press release?

    Leeds United stars past and present are backing the project which would aid it in appealing to your readers.

    If you are interested please get in touch.

    Best Regards

  8. Hello, I am Relyn Manuel of 5Space and I am an avid reader of your blogs. As a writer, I believe that we can also contribute to your blog’s content. In line with this, may I respectfully and humbly ask if you are accepting paid guest posts? If yes, how much would one guest post be? Thank you and have a great day!

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