CLUB STATEMENT: Goodbye for now.

By Roberto Kusabbi @RKtweets. 

It’s been a while since we posted on One Foot In The Game, which is why I am writing today.

When we started @1FITG on the eve of the 2010 World Cup, football blogging was providing a much-needed different perspective to the often bland coverage of football in the media. People like Michael Cox and The Swiss Ramble brought us new ideas and different ways of seeing the beautiful game. It was a great time. It felt new and it felt a bit more relevant as a reader. The authors were people who you could relate to. Or aspire to. They were accessible in a social media age. Or maybe that was just me. 

We by no means created something as detailed or special as some of the blogs mentioned above, but we found a nice niche. We were honest and as the Guardian best football blogs 2011 said 9 months into our first year; we did ‘football ranting well’. We also gave new writers a chance and built up a very decent readership in the thousands a day.

The blog grew and so did its collaborators. I feel comfortable enough to say it did go some way to helping me with getting a job at Spurs. Though my Sports Science degree and other skills probably helped too, but I do owe much to the blog.

Much of the recent credit must go to Joe Clift, who took the blog to new heights in my time away. From lower league coverage to keeping Safe Standing on our agenda, the blog found a new voice. Also to ‘James Albion’ who did much of the best writing on the blog. Something I appreciated a great deal. 

But times have changed, as has blogging both in Football and generally. The big boys woke up and hired those smart bloggers. Joe and I have also changed. Working in different places again partly due to the blog do we have those jobs and probably fair to say we’re both working harder and longer hours. My tweeting has changed too and I tweet more and more football from my personal account. Life has a habit of changing.

So it’s with sadness that @1FITG will no longer continue in its current form as a blog. You could say we haven’t been for a while – and you’d be right. But from now on we will use the site for passionate opinion pieces and longer form features when we can. That may be every month. It may be every 6 months. But the site will stay live. We will also try to tweet as much as we can. Something that if we are honest is much more manageable and easy to fit around life schedules. So please do keep following us on @1FITG for live tweeting and a One Foot in The Game slant to footballing events.

A big thanks to all the writers over the years. The commenters and visitors. It’s been fun and we thank you.

Keep an eye on the One Foot In The Game name though, you never know what it may be associated with next…

Goodbye for now.


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