5 Things We Learnt About The Premier League This Opening Weekend

Written by Roberto Kusabbi, @RKTweets


Vines are here to say. No matter what News International want.

The Premier League issued a diktat on sharing Vines from Premier League footage this weekend. This particular iron has been in the fire for awhile. Even sharing links of Vines would be in breach. Apparently. Yet the first weekend of the Premier League showed no sign of this trend stopping. Much like many organisations instead of embracing a new platform and making the footage higher quality and sharable News International and others (who have paid a lot of money for ‘exclusive digital rights’ put their footage behind a pay wall. Try as they might and considering where some of the Vines actually come from (not in the UK) is it a battle the PL are willing to push hard for? And will Twitter make examples of people and betray their use base? We’ll see.

Van Gaal is human. 

The United job was never going to be easy, even after David Moyes. Van Gaal will come good, I am of the strong belief of that. But it may be another season of frustration for United. Yesterday they were laboured and disjointed. Their squad needs some experience at the back and that is going to cost some cash. The loss to Swansea was just that, one loss. What it may mean is they spend a bit more than they expected in the next few weeks…

Swansea have a decent squad actually. 

If they get through the rest of the window and keep Bony then Swansea may actually surprise a few people, by surprise I mean stay up comfortably. Before the United game I wasn’t sure how they would fare this season. Monk, who comes across a lovely chap, just seemed a bit lost if not ernest last season. But with Sigurdsson, Gomis who came on and was a nuisance and Fabianski they may just survive. For another year.

Koeman has a job on his hands. 

Southampton have been the story of the summer in many ways. Vaunted for their trust in youth, development and playing entertaining football with the ball they lost a lot of key men. Ronald Koeman comes with a decent record, though not a consistent one. They were impressive, especially in the second half and there were good signs that perhaps they will be okay post fire sale. But his big problem, much like Spurs last season is to get the players to gel. Southampton have a new philosophy – how deep did they defend vs Liverpool –  and also new partnerships all over the pitch. From Goalkeeper to his back four, to midfield and forwards. It may be a difficult year for the Saints but they showed enough early signs to maybe they will do just about enough.

Expect a tighter Premier League? 

Of the 7 fixtures 6 winners only won by one goal. Are we about to see a tighter more competitive Premier League? Usually we’d have seen a few drubbings and that could still happen with Chelsea tomorrow. But maybe the self promoted best league in the world is going to get a bit tighter… 


What did we miss?


3 Comments on “5 Things We Learnt About The Premier League This Opening Weekend

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  2. You mentioned it might be another frustrating season for Man United fans. You weren’t wrong. I also believe in Van Gaal. He has started to bring through some youth and they are looking like they will fit the part. A good results against Man city this weekend has helped him. Had he lost that game I feel the writing may have been in the wall. Now I think he has a glimmer of hope. That said, I wouldn’t be surprised if Jose has already got the job.

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