The 13 Best Vines Of The World Cup 2014 Brazil So Far

By @RKTweets We bloody love the World Cup and this edition will certainly go down as the most social World Cup in history. Perhaps it will also go down as the moment rights holders realised the internet exists and is global. being shared on Vine too. We put together some of the best Vines from this year’s World Cup so far. What did we miss? Messi breaks a child’s heart. If you zoom in you can see the exact moment his heart breaks. Guess he had other things on his mind to be fair. A ridiculous safe that may just break Brazilian hearts. From a keeper without a club Löw blow. Jogi rubs bogey into Ronaldo’s wounds Forget Clint’s goal, look at how flexible the Ghanian player is! He’s basically doing the splits in the air. Robben runs like the wind An incredible view of Blind’s pass and RVP’s goal Joe Hart goes mad. Swears. Almost breaks foot. Damn. I’m in my own area how can I clear under pressure? I know… Then again he was a bit confused by Pirlo But at least he knew it. The Future of English Football everyone Oh and the best corner ever taken at any level of the game. Mr Rooney


2 Comments on “The 13 Best Vines Of The World Cup 2014 Brazil So Far

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  2. Seriously, how poor from Jack Wilshere? With the recent snaps of him smoking he will be lucky to reach our next World Cup with that attitude. I’d much prefer someone like Huddlestone over him.

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