With Hope Everything Is Beautiful. Pochettino to Spurs

Five years.

A PR gesture, or a change of tact?

Hopefully the latter. In my opinion we’ve picked the best man for the job, considering the options. LVG would have been an interesting choice, but did he ever want it?

Poch quickly won over the Saints faithful with his attractive style, and the media with his canny attitude (photo: Telegraph)

It’s easy to see why Spurs have gone for Poch. He managed the media well at Southampton – using an interpreter to act almost like a shield at times, as everyone knows he speaks English. But he was canny in how he managed his communication. Spurs are nothing if not PR-sensitive, that would not have gone unnoticed. He will also be a young face for the Spurs brand to sell to marketing departments of brands around the world, in the US and China especially.

He was dropped into a civil war it seems with some players and fans unhappy at Adkins’s departure and the British press even more happy to jump on him at any opportunity. But he won them round. He did that by playing fantastic football, putting youth at the centre and adding smart signings like Lovren at the back.

Similarly, we can look at Espanyol, his only other job. He had 3 years there, bringing them from the bottom to a respectful place in La Liga, with Pep even saying: “There are teams that wait for you and teams that look for you: Espanyol look for you. I feel very close to their style of football.”

But Poch is no pushover, “He makes you work like a dog,” said Osvaldo in a fantastic piece by Sid Lowe on Poch’s time at Espanyol, “But it works.”

The Spurs squad is a funny mix. Less English than before and with players who have seen a lot of managers in their time. It will be key to see how some of those players, Lennon (if he stays) and Dawson (ditto) in particular, respond to it. Attitude is an interesting facet of that squad and of modern football, will our players respond?

The newer players, especially those from the continent – and I am guessing this is the hope – will be looking forward to it. So will, one would especially hope,  Eric Lamela. You do not make a £30 million investment without trying to bring out the best in him, or indeed Soldado. Both are players we want to see the best of, both the Club and the fans will be hoping Poch will be able to.

In youth Spurs trust? (photo: AP)

On to youth. We have the best training complex in the Premier League, bar none, if not the best in Europe. We will, and are, producing better players in the younger age groups. Bentaleb was subject to some awful abuse at times, for simply being appreciated by Sherwood. That reaction was unfair – we should want our young players to be tested. If they fail, then we learn fast, but we should be mixing youth and experienced talent. We’re not going to compete with City and Chelsea for big players, we need to be smart in purchasing the best young players and developing our own. More Dortmund than Bayern.

I am excited for Poch’s arrival. It is a risk, but I hope that the players respond. I also hope that the management and fans give him time. He may just be the right one.

In the Spurs lifecycle, we’re at the ‘Hope Stage’, it’s pre-season, the best time to be a Spurs fan and we have another new Head Coach. Let’s hope we don’t repeat the last 2 years and become another Tottenham statistic.

As ever. We hope. Because with hope, everything is beautiful, right?

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