Season review 2013/14 – Liverpool

With Brendan Rodgers’s spell as David Brent in Being Liverpool a distant memory following the progress made across the previous season, expectations at Anfield were already high last August. We asked Nick Moss (@dnsandnick) for his take on their eventful season. 

Pleasure to watch or utter disaster?

One prong on the Liverpool trident (Photo: PA)

This barely needs to be covered! Watching Liverpool stream forwards – the trident of Sterling, Suarez and Sturridge – was so thrilling for their movement, pace, and incisiveness. And because, like any good action film, disaster was only just around the corner. Or more accurately, at the other end.

Who’s been this season’s hero?
Suarez, then Sturridge, then Gerrard, then Sterling as the season went on. Underpinned by Henderson’s persistence.

And the villain?
Sad to say it but Sakho gives everyone the jitters. Mignolet does nothing to calm them, then Skrtel finds himself in a desperate situation. That trio kept one clean sheet in eighteen games. But ‘villian’ might be too strong. Moses probably takes that, for his missed open goals at crucial times.

Manager’s report
Well, as a manager might say, Brodgers has ‘done fantastic’. He tweaked and moved things around all season until the diamond shone through (anyone remember the 3-5-2?). Gerrard’s move to deep playmaker, or the ‘quarterback’ as it’s uncomfortably described, was the most publicised example of this.

Best signing
Securing Suarez on a long-term contract is the banal answer. Er, looking at other signings….it’s still Suarez.

Worst signing
Aspas? Moses? Cissokho for me, even on loan. Poor lad. Not only did he look uncomfortable playing left-back, he looked uncomfortable playing football.

Rising star

A big season for Sterling, who’s grown at some rate over the year (Photo: Metro)

Clearly Sterling. It was only at Christmas I was bemoaning his utter lack of composure in or around the box. How fickle we are! But it was the unlikely move to a more a central role that has seen him flourish. The option of going left or right, in space, with his zip, has really worked (it makes me wonder, perhaps foolishly, what Lennon may have done if freed from the right at 19). Honourable mention to Flanagan. Strange year for Coutinho – surely more to come from him next year.

Highlight of the season
Beating Man City. Even the most cautious Liverpool fans began to whisper ‘what if?’, even the most neutral fans began to say ‘why not?’.

Low point of the season

I’ll remember this season for…
For the whopping 101 goals scored. And a shocking 50 conceded. For Gerrard’s chest pumping speech. And his heartbreaking slip. For Hillsborough. For making Anfield dream.


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