Shenanigans at Hull City. Whatever next?

Hull City's new owner Assem Allam celebrates the goal against Bristol CityImitation is the sincerest form of flattery seems to be Hull City chairman Assem Allam’s maxim as he strives to outdo Cardiff owner Vincent Tan in stripping their respective clubs of tradition and history. Allam has a way to go yet to beat Tan who has not only changed the nickname and colour Cardiff play in, but is rumoured to want to change the name as well. Allam has only revealed plans to change the name of the club – so far.

Seemingly confused on what the name of the club actually is, Allam has stated that it is known as Hull City Tigers and merely wants to shorten the name to Hull Tigers as his research has shown that companies with shorter names perform better on the global stock markets. It is hard to know where to begin in pulling apart Allam’s arguments but telling him that Hull’s football club name doesn’t actually include the word ‘Tigers’ (as opposed to the holding company) seems to be a good place to start. It’s certainly what a supporters group called City Til We Die have done. Allam has decided against the friendly PR road however, by refusing to be told how to run his businesses by “a few hundred people”.

The main thrust behind the name change initially seems to be that Hull Tigers sounds more impressive and catchy to the global market compared to the boring old ‘Hull City’. Forgetting about the years of tradition that football fans generally like to cling onto, Allam is also plainly delusional about Hull’s standing in the ‘global market’. Although they are now in the Premiership, giving them exposure to a world audience generally interested in only top flight football, there is obviously no guarantee that they will survive in the league. It is also a bit of a stretch to believe that fans of English football in the various corners of the globe would latch onto Hull as the team to follow. Changing the name to Tigers surely wouldn’t make any difference to that? Hull-City-badge

There are reports of Allam’s main problem being with the council and that that is actually the main reason he wants nothing to do with the word ‘City’. If this is true then it shows the man’s spitefulness transcends his lack of knowledge of the game.

Hull fans are hoping that rules concerning name changes will fall in their favour as any plans have to be ratified by the FA after consultation with supporters.  But if Cardiff are anything to go by, the FA care little for tradition and supporter reservations when it comes to multi millionaire owners intent on ripping the soul out of their new playthings. I’m afraid it doesn’t look to good for Hull City AFC.

Dan Roberts – @LasVegasWI


2 Comments on “Shenanigans at Hull City. Whatever next?

  1. Manchester united football club, did they have to change their name to be so succesfull? Or did they just build a reputation of spending money on good playes for success? Name change way to early you wont get global market if we get relegated!

  2. Maybe be Hull City Association Football Club is too difficult to spell for some Hull folk judging by ‘gaz city till i die’.

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