1FITG mid-season review: Luton

Yesterday we gave you some thoughts on Liverpool’s season so far. Today @miller179 gives his thoughts on a team that’s actually still in the FA Cup – Luton Town.

1. So what are your thoughts on Luton’s season so far?

Apart from the cup run, it’s been disappointing if I’m honest. Poor performances and losing leads has been the theme of our season so far. The fans deserve more. This is our 4th season at this level and the players still seem unsure of what this league is about – and how to consistently win games. In recent weeks, manager Paul Buckle seems to have adopted a harsher, more aggressive, attitude – highlighting individual errors in the press. Do I agree with that? I’m not too sure, but if it leads to an upturn in our performances then I’m all for it. The apologists will point to the fact that we have 3 games in hand. That means nothing without winning them. With 2 games a week now until the end of the season, we’re going to have to be at our very best to win the league – which looks unlikely for now. On the positive side, we seem to have the formation right. Buckle finally seems set on a 4-4-2, which I think is the right decision for the players that we have, and for the balance of the team. In any other year with our current points total we would be completely out of it, but we’re not, no one is running away with it, and we still have a chance – which is incredible really considering our form and some of our results this season.

2. How are you feeling about your chances in the FA cup this season – is it a cup Luton want to progress in, and will Buckle prioritise the league?

Every Luton fan and Paul Buckle knows the priority is the league. I would give up that result against Norwich for an extra 6 points in the league within a heartbeat. But if we progress that’s great for us financially, and raises the profile of the club. If you had of asked me before the Norwich game would we win, I would have said categorically no. I thought Norwich would be too strong, but this is the FA Cup, anything can happen. We’ve got a good chance especially as we’re at home, and I’m sure Millwall will come out and go for it, which in turn is better for us. It suits us if the game is open.

3. Has Buckle improved Luton’s style of play? Do you feel you can gain promotion under his management, and survive in league two?

Paul Buckle’s decision to ditch 4-3-3 might just add the solidity Luton need

The style of play is improving. In all fairness we’ve never played long-ball/hoof football, but playing 4-3-3 in my opinion made us too easy to open up. We’ve now settled on a 4-4-2, which hopefully means we’re more solid. We’re still massively susceptible to set pieces – the amount of goals we concede from set pieces is shambolic. I still wince when the opposing team has a free kick or corner because you just know there is a high likelihood of them scoring. I think we can gain promotion under Buckle, but its going to be through the playoffs. If we did do it this year we would definitely have a good chance of one of those playoff spots in League 2.

4. The football league vultures will be circling if Luton don’t achieve promotion this season. Which player are you most afraid of losing in the summer?

Andre Gray is the player that stands out. He’s still young, but he’s getting better every game he plays. There’s so much potential, he could play L1 quite easily in my opinion. He’s just signed an extension to his contract which should make it harder for anyone to sign him, but realistically if we don’t go up and a Championship/L1 club comes in with the right money, I’m sure he could be on his way.

5. Predicted finish in the conference this season?

Well, promotion is the one and only thing I care about. I couldn’t care less how we do it. We won’t win it, but I predict us to finish 3rd, win in the play offs, and then finally win the final. Luton never seem do it the easy way, there’s always drama, but I really do feel as long if we can get in those play off places we can definitely beat anyone over 2 legs. And then you hope to god we wouldn’t be cursed of possibly being the only team to lose a playoff final in 3 consecutive seasons.


8 Comments on “1FITG mid-season review: Luton

  1. I agree with most of the above comments. We should be doing a lot better than we are. I have been following Luton since 1960 and it has always been a story of highs and lows. At least if we get to the playoffs we would not have to face York City.

  2. Could Gary Sweet,Nick Owen or any other member of the 2020 board answer me one question.How can they sack Mick Harford for being 2 points short of a mimimum of 2 points per game that they set as a minimum requirement for them and yet Paul Buckle would have to win the next 13 games on the run to achieve this target.After last nights defeat aginst Dartford who have achieved the double over us the time has come to get him replaced

    • Apart from anything else there has been too much poor defending and strikers that cannot seem to put away good chances. It is about time that the club came clean about the situation with Gary Richards and Danny Spiller. Are they ever going to play for Luton or were we sold a pup.

  3. The Millwall game is likely to highlight one thing: pride & passion in the Luton team for the FA Cup. However, there’s none of this in the League performances? I compared the team of today to that of a few seasons ago and we are so much worse in most positions. Personally i’d only be upset if Tyler (the goalkeeper) left – none of the others would be a miss. Gray has pace to burn but his touch is worse than mine! I honestly feel that I still have a chance of playing for Luton & I’m in my mid/late 30’s – I sure cant do any worse than those who pull on this shirts week-in week-out. In short, for the first time in my life, I’ve gave up on you Luton.

  4. We need a target man who can hold the ball up and bring others into the game. Our midfielders are stoppers but not very skillful.We dont score many goals because we play to many passes in front of defenders and not behind them.

  5. Simples… Buckle must go! Sick of his pathetic excuses on the road! We are lucky if we win the toss let alone anything else!

  6. I wrote this blog on friday. Little did I think that we would struggle to get a result against Forest Green and then lose last night. Its simply nowhere near good enough. Last night was as bad as ive seen Luton in a long time. Terrible performance
    Completely agree, we have no creativity in the middle of the park, just nothing there. And the thing that annoys me the most is that we will probably go and win on Saturday, and put in a great performance. Priorities all wrong….

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