Time for you to go Roy…

Roy Hodgson, Fulham Manager

Roy Hodgson, Fulham Manager (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now that Roy Hodgson has been unveiled as the new England manager the time has surely come for him to resign.

Hodgson’s afternoon in charge of English football has been marred by failure. He has failed to bring success to the national team. In fact, he has failed to win a single football match. There is no hiding the fact that it is an awful record.

Apologists for Hodgson urge that he be given more time. Some deranged loyalists even arguing that he be given as long as tomorrow lunchtime.

They point to the fact that he hasn’t yet had the chance to choose a squad let alone play a game. But what his loudest cheerleaders choose to ignore is the truth that football is a results driven business, and the bottom line on the balance sheet is currently empty of trophies.

Hodgson has also singularly failed to make any impact on the English game. He was meant to be the architect for coaching and football in this country, but he has not only failed to build that future he hasn’t even shown us the blueprints for its construction.

England are one of the great football nations. As the country which gave birth to the beautiful game, it is unbecoming of our status in the global game to allow such a record of ignominious failure to continue. Hodgson is an honourable man.

In the parlance of the game he is a ‘proper football man’. There is no doubting his patriotism or his good intentions to end our country’s long drought of success.

However, the honeymoon period is over. We are now at a point where we must ask critical questions. We cannot shy away from uncomfortable answers, nor from the difficult conclusions we are forced to draw.

Roy, for the sake of English football, go now.


4 Comments on “Time for you to go Roy…

  1. An England manager should be judged on how many times he says “There are no easy games in international football” in post match press confrences. I’ve not heard this said once. For that alone he should step down.

  2. If England carry on as they have so far under Roy they will NEVER HAVE A SHOT ON TARGET. Have you seen any England players hit a shot on target so far under his reign? Let alone a shot sailing over the bar? This is is the sort of anti-football that ‘Arry (Gawdblessimguvna) would never stand for.

    • It’s been 2 weeks now. More than 2 weeks. The nation is waiting and it can only wait so long Roy.

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