FA given permission to talk to Roy Hodgson

Roy Hodgson as a head coach of Fulham F.C. Рус...

Roy Hodgson as a head coach of Fulham F.C. Русский: Рой Ходжсон на посту главного тренера ФК «Фулхэм» (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The FA have confirmed that West Brom have given them permission to talk to West Brom manager Roy Hodgson.

The FA statement says:

Roy is the only manager we have approached and we remain on course to make an appointment within the timescale we set-out soon after Fabio Capello’s departure.

“Further conversations will now take place with Roy and my Club England colleagues before any further announcements can be made.”

With all the media led hype for Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp being the only candidate is this a smoke screen? Or will Harry be approached next?

The mood amongst Spurs fans is mixed after a poor run of results that mirrored last season.

Who knows, but you can’t argue with Roy’s credentials as a manager in Europe and managing International teams he’s got the experience.

We’ll see if the FA now make an approach for Redknapp too…


3 Comments on “FA given permission to talk to Roy Hodgson

  1. Hodgson is definitely the cheaper option and I’d say better for the long term. But, you can’t help thinking that Euro 2012 is now completely written off for England now, not sure Hodgson is the sort of person who can assemble and influence a team in that short a space of time. Why not approach him a month or so back, WBA haven’t had much to play for and probably wouldn’t have objected to Roy dedicating some of his time to the England job.

  2. the one thing that is for sure is that he was treated shabbily by liverpool and their fans. they were against him before he started. their backing of king kenny is based largely on stubbornness and sentimentality.

    hodgson has an impressive CV with a wide range of interesting jobs to his name. hopefully he’ll be given a chance if he does get the job – imagine however that the tabloids would really get their claws into him.

    i still favour redknapp personally, as his teams are cavalier, play attractive football and he seems to be a great motivator. he just inspires me a bit more than hodgson, but que sera sera…..far be it from me to question the FA!!

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