6 bad and random Premier League signings 2011

English: Fernando Torres playing for Chelsea F.C.

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1 – Fernando Torres (to Chelsea)

Oh Fernando, what have you become? Lumbering, awkward, slow and unhappy. 3 goals in 28 games for Chelsea – a goal every 9 games says a lot. With the £50 million price tag saying the rest, that makes it £16.6 million a goal. If there has been a bigger transfer flop per pound I’d like to see him. Will he ever come good? I’m not sure, this summer will be 4 years since he scored in the 2008 European championships, arguably the last year he actually had any form. Long way back Fernando….

2 – Andy Carroll (to Liverpool)

First things first, 4 goals in 23 games for Liverpool – that’s a gaol every 5 and a bit games. Not ‘too’ bad until you realise that’s a £8.7+ million a goal and think wow. In many ways Carroll is unlucky, he never wanted to leave Newcastle by all accounts but at £35 million I’m sure Ashley thought he’d never get this chance again. Liverpool will argue that they have paid for potential and that English players carry a premium (also see Henderson and Downing) but that is a lot of money for potential. He may come good, but unless Liverpool change the way they play I think Andy will be shipped out back to Newcastle.

3 – Pascal Chimbonda (to QPR)

Pascal was in the team of the year at Wigan, which earned him a move to upwardly mobile Spurs the season after. In 2011 he played 3 games for QPR before being shipped out to Doncaster where his agent (Willie McKay) now acts director of football.

4 – Shefki Kuqi (to Newcastle)

Picture the scene, you’ve just lost your top goalscorer for £35 million and you need someone to fill the gap in your first season back in the Premier League. Who do you plump for? Well Kuqi was free so beggers can’t be choosers. Shefki signed after the transfer deadline on a free and played 6 games for Newcaslte with no goals. A year later he’s banging them in for Oldham.

5 – Steven Pienarr (to Spurs)

This might be a little unfair to Pienarr but he still makes the list. His contract was running down at Everton and Harry thought he’d snap himself a bargain, which he did at £3million. Injuries and fierce competition have meant that Pienarr has either been unavailable or on the bench and has only managed 8 games in a Spurs shirt. Rumours today suggest that he’s available for a transfer.

6 – Kieran Dyer (to QPR)

What a player Dyer was at Ipsiwch and Newcastle, I remember him demolishing Spurs twice in the early 00’s with lightening pace and a hell of a left foot. Unfortunately his body has packed in and it was only a matter of time before he got injured. Tough for him and for Warnock but the sad thing is that we all knew it would happen didn’t we?

Honourable mentions for flops of 2011 –

Henderson (to Liverpool) £20million

Poulson (to Liverpool) £4million

David Ngog (to Bolton) £undisclosed

We’ve missed countless others, so who do you think we should of added into the list? Let us know in the comments below and Happy New Year!


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