Christmas time! Football style

christmas 2007

Image by paparutzi via Flickr

It’s time for the annual madness that is the British football calendar at Christmas. We’ve just had a round of midweek Premiership fixtures, and from Boxing Day to the first weekend of January sees an almost unending list of footballing gifts on offer. All this will be lovingly broadcast in HD and maybe even 3D for your viewing pleasure and amusement.

Seems you’ve got a busy Christmas ahead of you then, wrapped up warm eating chocolates in front of a huge new TV watching umpteen different matches. But how about stepping outside on Boxing Day and enjoying another fine Christmas tradition, the Boxing Day match? I know it’s cold outside, but I’m sure you can get away from those chestnuts round a fire for a moment to get a proper bit of jack frost nibbling at your toes. This blog is a big supporter of football at all levels and there’s nothing quite like going to an actual game and watching it live. If you’ve never seen a match in the depths of winter then you’ve never lived! As a tonic for clearing the head, getting the circulation going and really feeling like you’ve earned that pint and the huge plate of leftovers from Christmas dinner there’s nothing like it.

So, on Boxing Day take your old man with along with you to your local side. Or any other family member who likes their football. Invite your mates. Take a wander along on your own even. But go! Support your local side, whoever they may be and whatever standard they play at. Give them a cheer and a shout, give them a decent gate attendance and a bit of support for the players who will (probably) have had to forego a bit of festive cheer so they can put in a decent performance for you.

It doesn’t even have to be football. As it’s Christmas and we’re full of generosity, you could even give another sport a go! There’s likely to be rugby matches on near you if there isn’t any football, they can be fun even if you don’t understand the arcane rules or the odd way the ball bounces.

Just wrap up warm and you’ll be fine.

Happy Christmas!


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