Spurs to sign ‘special’ player in January – who could it be?

Harry Redknapp, manager of Tottenham Hotspur, ...

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‘Special’ is very subjective isn’t it?

Harry Redknapp has suggested Spurs will sign a special player in January, but not Tevez, so don’t get excited Spurs fans.

The comment does raise a question though, who is this ‘special’ player?

Will Harry Redknapp keep it close to the family, Lampard seems to be out of favour…? Though quite how he fits into a dynamic Spurs midfield I’m not sure.

How about a bit of Torres? He certainly has special hair, could Harry’s man management bring out the best in a player who hasn’t seen form for 2 and a half years?

Or how about Leandro Damiao? Playing at quasi Spurs feeder club Internacional in Brazil, the boy is certainly special.

Then again, Zamora was linked with Spurs in the Evening Standard yesterday and Titus Bramble is certainly ‘special’ in his own way…who knows, ‘special’ is subjective after all.

Who do you fancy Spurs fans?


2 Comments on “Spurs to sign ‘special’ player in January – who could it be?

  1. Kaka? Out of favour at RM, but I guess he’d be expensive. Would also be a superfluous luxury, so would be a perfect Spurs signing :->

    I reckon Torres though, think Chelsea will be happy to cut their losses on him.

    As long as Spurs don’t start casting admiring glances at P.Whitts down at Cardiff I don’t mind…

  2. Crouch ouch we should not have sold him. Why would any striker come too Spurs to sit on his bum and watch Van protect his hamstring Harry needs to be told Van has not scored for weeks or our season will snap with Vans Hammy’s

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