Football League Charity of the Year: Vote now!

British Heart Foundation

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The Football League Charity of the year vote is now open.

This isn’t normally something we’d blog about, but it did make me think of a few things after this weeks tragic events.

First of all I voted for the British Heart Foundation – they do lots of great things for people and children living with heart disease, as well as prevention (better than cure after all) and also I love the way they use social media and the web to engage with people. If you would like to vote, please vote for them as they are close to my heart.

The more pertinant question for me is why aren’t there any mental health charities on the list?

I am not saying one charity is more important than another in terms of need and all those listed are fantastic. But with the news recently of Gary Speed, Robert Enke and many more and with the obvious link of football/sport and mental health I am surprised that they didn’t have someone like MIND or the Mental Health Foundation listed.

Hopefully next year, but just interesting little highlight of how much work to be done on promoting mental health in sport.


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