Top football celebrations ever

After Super Mario’s ‘Why always me?’ T-shirt last week we then saw those crazy Scandinavia chaps trying to teach some pub team the fishing celebration and it got us thinking about celebrations. So many to choose from, impossible to order them. But here are some of our favourites:

Marco Tardelli, 1982 the passion of being the best in the world

The passion, the tears, the beating of the arms like king kong, the relief of months of stress.

Italy had taken a huge beating from the media pre tournament and had gone into media blackout. Rossi was back and misfiring in the early group stages where Italy drew their 3 games (sound familiar?). After beating Argentina and arguably the best Brazil side ever, Italy beat West Germany in the final. Tardelli eyes bulging lets off months of stress in what, in my opinion is the great celebration ever. Still makes the hairs stand up on end.

Honourable mention for Grosso Semi final 2006 too. Oh and the phenomenal pass from Pirlo.

Robbie Fowler lines it up…

Robbie Fowler in his pomp. Cheeky, bending over infront of Le Saux and banging them in for fun.

This celebration would probably lead to 4 weeks suspension and a sending off nowadays. Back then it was just great fun (this blog doesn’t promote drugs in any way).

Best bit about this celebration was that manager Gerard Houllier, suggested it might be a Cameroonian grass-eating celebration, picked up off team-mate Rigobert Song. Yeah…right.

1994 World Cup…Stand up (or knee down) Mr Finidi George.

The 1994 World Cup was full of great celebrations. Maradona (see below) and Bebeto’s now legendary baby swinging celebration (the baby that celebration played for the Brazil U17’s last month).

But our favourite was Finidi George, scores a goal for his country and then goes to the corner flag to urinate like a dog. Unbelievable stuff.

Henry’s arrogance

I didn’t like the vast majority of Henry’s celebrations, actually I hated them all. But something about this celebration was great.

About 35 yards out the referee is telling Henry to put the ball further back, after swinging in a fantastic goal he stands still, Ballotelli like and just asks (shouts) at the ref – is that enough? Is that enough.

Diego smacks it up

As mentioned above 1994 had so many great celebrations, this was probably one of the defining moments in Maradona’s footballing career.

After shedding weight and getting back into the team, Maradona picked up where he left off in 1990. Little did we know he was high on a cocktail of drugs.

The celebration was a hint though…

Sticking a flag in hell

Before he was a mild manners pundit Souness was not only a great player but also a less good manager. This celebration wasn’t after a goal he scored but after the Turkish Cup Final against the bitterest of bitter rivals Fenerbache.

Most people would want to get in, get the result and get out. Not Graeme. Souness decides that putting the Galatasary flag in the middle of Fenerbache’s pitch was the best way to play down the tension…Fantastic to watch though.


So many Gazza celebrations, so little time that it could be a blog on their own (tweet us if you want to write it).

Here are our favourites:

Euro 1996

FA cup Semi Final

Lazio madness

But the most contraverisal…against Celtic because someone told him…Gazza celebrates with a loyalist gesture. Oh Gazza.

We’ve missed loads so get over it, but link your favourites below.


4 Comments on “Top football celebrations ever

  1. Sheffield United’s Brazilian striker Marcelo scores to equalise in the FA Cup at Coventry city.

    Scan to 2 mins 20 to see his uniquely brilliant way in his celebration of avoiding a booking for removing his shirt:

  2. Marco Tardelli’s celebration is my favourite. The comedian John Oliver described it as the perfect example of someone ‘magnificently and completely losing his shit’

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