Five things I learnt from Manchester United v Manchester City

Mario is uniting everyone

In admiration.

Perhaps not Man United fans, but has one player ever united the majority of neutral fans like he has? He’s a rock star, not only does he have all the talent in the world he has all the craziness in the world too. Now he’s starting to deliver on the pitch, we can safely say Everyone Loves Mario.

United will give you a chance

They started the season at 1000mph and after Sunday they’ve just ground to a halt. United have conceded 168 shots this season to the opposition, the most in the league. Considering the company they are keeping in regards to shots conceded we see they ahead of Bolton 165, Norwich 155, Swansea 152, Wigan 151 and Wolves 147.

There are two reasons for this, firstly De Gea’s reputation as someone who struggles against long shots has meant teams are trying to catch out the young stopper but more worrying is that the goals they are conceding are closer to the six yard box than the 18 yard line.

Silva is the real deal

We blogged last season that Silva could be the star of the season, some of us were sceptical. But he’s proved us right and wrong here at 1FITG towers. His guile, passing and vision set him out as the best player in the Premier League at the moment. I could watch his assist for the sixth goal over and over, perfect touch and on the spin volley pass. The man his human art.

Micah Richards is developing

Yes he has a huge arse but he’s starting to develop into quite the right back. I thought Young was going to give him a torrid afternoon but he weathered the storm and when United went down to 10 men he was playing wherever he wanted to.

I still think Kyle Walker may be the long term option for England, but a nice competition is developing.

We shouldn’t write off United yet

Like the Germans at the World Cup, we should never write off United. Sure the defeat will go down in history, but much like the losses they suffered against Newcastle and Southampton in 1990’s they’ll bounce back.

United are 6/1 to win the league today, surely worth a £10…you should never write off United, even if City are the biggest challenge they’ve faced in years.


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