No relegation from the Premier League? On one condition…

EPLSo the end to relegation from the Premiership is back on the agenda again.

According to the head of the League Managers Association the idea has sprung from the owners of foreign owned clubs. They don’t want to see their investment threatened by the small matter of actually having to win football games. 

As the supporter of a club outside the Elysian fields of the Premiership my immediate reaction was to start frothing at the mouth and ranting about how football is disappearing up its own, Sky tattooed, arse, but then a thought occurred to me. Would this really be such a bad idea?

Obviously, if you left this up to the Premiership clubs it’d be a right stitch up. Fortunately the FA have to ratify the plan. So if I were the sitting in their headquarters in Soho Square I’d tell the Premiership they can have their permanent top division, only here’s how we’re going to determine the membership. 

First, the clubs who are promoted this season from the Championship via the automatic spots and playoffs will be members. It’s only fair. That’s the basis on which everyone started this season. 

Second, and here’s the radical bit, the rest of the Premiership would be determined by a lucky dip of the other 89 football league clubs. Except MK Dons that is, because they’re not a real football club anyway. 

I’m sure the Premiership clubs won’t like this plan. Mostly because there’s a bloody great chance they wont be in the division anymore. But that’s no argument as to why the historical quirks of fate which have resulted in the Premiership’s current incumbents should be set in stone. 

Because if we’re going to have to swallow a stale diet of top level football, we might as well freshen the whole thing up before we do it. 

2 Comments on “No relegation from the Premier League? On one condition…

  1. God! Can you imagine the draw for the lucky 20 who would make up the new Premier League?

    Would be the most watch TV show in Sky’s history – 89 clubs and fans all sitting infront of SKY as Tony Cottee and Paul Merson pull out ball after ball for JUDGEMENT DAY.

    I’d pay to watch that.

  2. What a stupid proposal. This will NEVER happen. The reason is winning and losing would be rendered virtually immaterial (only qualification for europe to play for). It would under undermine the whole league structure as Championship clubs would have nothing to play for either.

    In a few years time those foreign owners will have sold on to someone else anyway.

    This is Albion not America.

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