Tottenham to sign ‘very special’ player in next few days

Not usually one for transfer gossip, but this seems interesting…

Mr Leon Mann, who was the chap who filmed the video for the BBC with Benni Assou Ekotto retweeted a ‘football advisor’ (whatever they do) who said:

So…Spurs fans, who is the special player? Adebayor? Diarra or someone Levy and Harry have had up their sleave for awhile…answers on a stamp.


56 Comments on “Tottenham to sign ‘very special’ player in next few days

  1. Retweet was from Chris Nathaniel, who’s company is NVA management… interestingly they seem to manage Samuel Eto’o

  2. Hulk?

    Doubt it would be Eto’o due to wages. But he did say there may be a surprise in England…

    As for Ade, that sounds most likely, or Diarra. But the hope of someone left field has me thinking of when Klinsi signed…

    • Hulk demanded a huge asking price so I doubt him. Adebayor has been rumoured to be here in time for vs Man Utd

  3. His agency also look after a lot of African players, Ghana seems to be quite well supported. So maybe Eto’o might be out of our reach but i cant see this CEO tweeting about a “special” player only for it to be Ade when every 2 bit red top rag and shite blog has ran with the story for 2 days now… have a feeling its going to be some one not linked to us and come out of left field like the VDV deal did.
    Fingers crossed it is a top player, hopefully a centre back as i think we all know Ade is coming and he should fill the need for a top forward (ex gooner or not)

  4. Whoever it might be ,definitely won’t be A .N.OTHER Harry signing..It will be another Levy signing just like VDV..leave it to Harry he will sell and waste money on 3 average players on 120k each..then we will end up like Pompey no2.

  5. its Kaka !!! This is defo happening as he has just packed his belonging from his house in Madrid and given his brother the keys …. Sandro and Gomes have been talking to him all summer hence why there are minimal quotes from them this summer ….. KAKa welcome to the Lane

  6. It’s Greavesie !
    Fits the bill. He’s old…played for us before…won’t ask daft wages…genuine legend.
    Welcome back Jimmy !

  7. Could also be brazil starlet Casimiro, although was linked with Inter, nothing materialized apparently and he signed with NVA recently

    • It might be but I’ve heard he’s stuck in a hole at the moment. I’ve heard he’s buzzin’ at the moment and the girls in Brazil really like him – still, I’ve heard he’s big and strong and his girth has terrified brazilian defences recently……

  8. i really hope its juan mata,hes class !!kaka aint played for i dunno how long i wouldnt call him that special lol:-)))

  9. i heard the same rumours apparantly kaka advisors met our top boys and a loan deal will b announced over the weekend


  10. well its confirmed it’s Kaka on loan which is not what i wanted at all he is not the same player when he was at Milan very sad TBH why not eto’o or hulk FFS we need a striker

  11. It’s a done deal, it turns out the special player is Robbie Keane who missed London after being away for 2 days. He is quoted to have said that ‘it is a dream come true’ to be back.

  12. I love it when us spurs fans can have a joke and a laugh. What a great thread. I bet the 5-0 win last night released a lot of tension, cos we looked freaking great and it’s so good to see a visual reminder that we spurs are freaking awesome! COYS! It’s fantastic that Daniel isn’t giving Harry any input into player signings, I am so proud of how Daniel has grown. If Modders goes, well, meh. When we lost Carrick, and when we lost Berbatoss we lost our entire reason for playing. Now Modders is a fish in a pond as we have genuine quality aside from him in VDV and Bale (and Jamma when he can stay onside, out of some whores bed and fit).
    I have grown tired of all the ‘big signing in the next 8 minutes,’ quotes so I really don’t know who it will be, but from the posts already I hope to god it’s Greavsie. Then we can get The Saint in the January window.

  13. You’re all wrong it’s pele no sorry it’s maradona or maybe it’s Jean Pierre papin no no it’s the fabulous Dutch maestro Mr Johan Cruyff. Who knows who it’s gonna be all I know is we don’t need a marquee signing that doesn’t fit what we have already. We need grafters the type that will run through brick walls for you team player not some old has been fancy dan who wants his last big pay day.

  14. Totally agree last thing we want is a “fancy dan” that is just after dosh and doesnt give the team any commitment or graft.

  15. Lennon Loan swap for Kaka

    Lennon as opposed to Kaka is seen as a perefect impact sub for when oppositions are tired in Mourinho`s eyes although he is a big fan of Kaka he cannot give him the playing time he needs to prove his fitness and get back his confiedence. Although there are several intereted parties in taking Kaka on loan (Inc AC Milan) Mourinho sees the move to Spurs as ideal as he hopes Harry can do for Kaka what he did for VDV and not to mention in return he gets an impact sub (something which Kaka is not) in the form of Lennon. Jose hope that Harry will either send back a revitalised Kaka ready for next season or atleast make him more desirable to furure suitors by bringing back to his best.

    Guiem Balligue will drop this story on Sky Sports later this evening.

  16. my nan has kept quiet over the transfer season……hhhuummm, several times last season I said she could have scored when Crouchie fluffed another. I bet she is on the way to shore up our attack! 66 years old, lift up her shirt and tuck the ball past the keeper… nile the Spurs. commmmon Nan

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