What I learnt from the Manchester City v Swansea City

Via Guardian

£38 Million can buy you a player. 

He had 20 odd minutes and Kun Aguero got 2 goals, one a spanker and one assist. Generally his movement was great too, much like David Silva, constantly moving after he passes the ball, drifting into space to receive the ball.

Sure, it was against Swansea, and sure it was during the last 20 minutes or so but it seems that £38 million can buy you a player.

Swansea can pass a football

But I’m not sure they can put it in the net. A poor man’s Arsenal some may say, but with Danny Graham playing the Franny Jeffers role circa 1999. In fairness Swansea looked really comfortable on the ball, passing it around in neat triangles, in the first 20 minutes especially they looked assured. Problem is that they had 1 shot until the 90th minute, of course there are lesser teams that they will face but they must hope Lita can rediscover the form he had at Reading, otherwise they could break the record for least goals for this season.

Dzeko scored! 

I gave Dzeko some stick during the game on Twitter and I also gave him some stick during the Community Shield. But he scored again. That’s two in two now, so I can’t give him more stick can I?

Well…I still am not quite sure what kind of player he is, he doesn’t build the play that well, his touch can be good but seemed more awkward, he seems slow for a big man in the same way Crouch is. Not that great in the air either. But still, 2 games, 2 goals. Who do I know?

David Silva is fantastic 

I was very skeptical when David Silva moved to City, I honestly wasn’t sure where he would fit in at City and whether he would be quick enough to get used to the Premier League. I’d only seen him play left midfield in a fantastic Spain side so maybe it was my ignorance (it was, obviously). But I have to say that watching him pass effortlessly and glide across the pitch all the while moving off the ball so that he can get the ball back beautiful. Genuine beauty in movement, he reminds me very much of Luka Modric but further forward. What a player.

City can challenge this season

We all knew that already though didn’t we? I know that it was only against Swansea, but their strength in-depth and the pace and power and a very solid spine of Hart, Kompany, De Jong, Silva and potentially Aguero could be explosive. I still don’t think they will win the league but Villas Boas and Arsene Wenger should be very worried.

Oh and finally 

I missed Balotelli – anyone else?




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