Liverpool United?

Am I the only person who is starting to think that Liverpool are slowly becoming a poor imitation of Newcastle United?

Hear me out:

  • A club overly-romantic about past glory.
  • Fanatical supporters who believe they’re entitled to success.
  • A succession of beleaguered managers that have failed to win the title.
  • Fandom overriding rational logic.
  • Disgruntled players who see their future elsewhere.
  • A belief that a messiah in the form of an ex-player/manager will come and save the day.

You see, not such a far-fetched comparison is it? Some similarities are uncanny. The only thing missing is a fat, meddling, buffoon from London! Hold on, isn’t Roy Hodgson from Croydon? (ok, that was a little harsh).

As a Liverpool fan I’ve been perturbed and a little surprised about all the column inches Liverpool FC have been consuming over the last few days. There seems to be genuine hysteria emanating from the club.

It was embarrassing to hear cries of “Hodgson for England” and “Dalglish” from the fans during the recent home defeat to Wolves. Alright yes, Roy Hodgson hasn’t done a good job as Liverpool manager. Actually in truth, he hasn’t even done an average one but the level of hostility towards the man is becoming unacceptable.

Every interview he has conducted has been brutally assassinated and taken out of context. Even something as banal as Hodgson rubbing his face is now up for discussion on the LFC internet forums. Ex-players who in the summer were praising his appointment have now trickled out of the woodwork to publicly damn him.

Hodgson isn’t the only one to have fallen foul of the Liverpool fans of late. Paul Konchesky, a limited but willing player has become a target of the boo boys in the last few weeks. It would appear that a few disparaging remarks made by Konchesky’s mum about the city of Liverpool and its fans on Facebook (I know…. Facebook???) has done a lot of damage. Didn’t she have anything better to do, like change her profile picture or send a friend request???

Liverpool fans are supposed to be the most knowledge football fans around (truly a self-proclaimed notion). Therefore, can they not see that the club as a whole is going through a rebuilding process and need some patience? A magic wand will not be waved and everything will be rosy again. No plaster or band-aid can cover over the mistakes made in the last 18 months.

The new owners Fenway Sports Group (FSG or formerly known as NESV) will need time to evaluate the structure and long-term planning of the club. Changes will be made, I’m certain. These changes however, need to be the correct ones for the club. No quick-fixes here please! Whilst I admire and greatly respect Kenny Dalglish (affectionately known as ‘the King’ by many). He is a man who has not managed a football club for 11 years!

I watch with baited breath to see how Liverpool football club conducts itself over the next two transfer windows. Most importantly the current one, which is already four days old. New players are a priority and prudence as well as conscientiousness will have to be exhausted. The question is, will the board back Hodgson and give him the money he desperately needs?

It will seem inevitable that there will a parting of the ways between the club and manager at some point in the near future. My only wish is that it’s done at the end of the season in an amicable way. That will allow Hodgson to leave with some dignity instead of with his tail tucked between his legs.

The words “You’ll Never Walk Alone” are paramount to the club. Enough of the witch-hunts and agenda’s.  It’s time to be united.


18 Comments on “Liverpool United?

  1. Good post.

    I agree, I think there are startling comparisons between the fans and the clubs (at the moment anyway). But at the same time I think Newcastle fans and club are in a league of their own when it comes to delusion.

    At least Liverpool fans (usually) try to be balanced and aware of where they sit in world football. Add to that the fact that Liverpool are in fact a winning club – even though not int he past 2 years. We have to go back 40 years since a piece of worthwhile silverware for Newcastle. In that time Luton town have won more proper trophies.

    Liverpool are not on a par with the delusions of Newcastle fans…..yet. But time can change a lot.

  2. If it’s inevitable that the club has to part ways with the manager, where is the logic in throwing money at him for a few months??

    Your priority may be to see Hodgson save face and leave with dignity, but my priority is to see Liverpool being a successful club and moving forwards with dignity. That requires getting rid of Hodgson and instating a long term plan as soon as possible.

  3. Not sure if the author’s priority is Hodgson’s dignity!

    Surely it would be better, if money HAS to be spent, (I’d argue to not spend at all, this season is surely a total write-off for Liverpool and better to spend in the summer rather than panic buy) to give it to someone who has been at the club for a bit and knows what is needed rather than someone who has just been brought in, possibly temporarily.

    The one thing I’d ask is if Hodgson is not the man for Liverpool long-term (I think the fans have spoken on that) then who is? And I’m talking long-term here, not parachuting in Dalglish to keep fans sweet until the end of the season.

    Despite not being a Liverpool fan in any way at all it would be sad if they became a deluded joke in the way that Newcastle have.

  4. Liverpool, and Liverpool fans need to put things into perspective. Realistically where were they thinking on finishing this season? Top 4 if they were lucky, 5th 6th or 7th realistically. Sacking Hodgson now would do no good, they’re destined for 5th 6th or 7th anyway. Give the cash to a new manager in the summer for him to be able to mould a squad. January signings in most cases dont tend to click until the following season.

  5. As a Liverpool fan I am not sure about the author’s extensive use of united when talking about Liverpool FC

  6. Good article which reflects much of my point of view, and fears. It’s nice to realise that I am not the only one who has noticed that quite a few of Hodgson’s comments were taken out of context, or how I would put it, deliberately misunderstood to fit an agenda. Anyhow, to put it in the words of someone much wiser than myself “The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts. (Bertrand Russell)”. And those certain of themselves will shout the loudest and people will rather follow them than those who point out that there might be something else to look at in a certain situation.

  7. Wonderful what a difference a few weeks have made!! Clearly Hodgson should have stayed until the end of the season and how foolish and deluded has it proved to bring back Kenny!!!!!!!
    Yes, I know things can go backwards as well from now on in, but I really believe the good times are coming back – long live the King!

  8. if we let done by the end of season for saving woy’s face then lfc might end up twofootin the championship keague mr.onefootinthegame

  9. You seem to be similar to that writer from Liverpool-kop, J Kanwar. Your opposing of the majority of fans ie supporting Hodgson, Konchesky and veiled belittiling of Kenny. Your asking for patience with Hodgson is an argument that is so outlandish its untrue.

  10. I hope you feel stupid now.

    Looks like the Messiah has come back and brought some winning ways with him. Most supports know there is more to a winning team than an astute tactical knowledge of the game, sometimes you need passion and enthusiasm – make players feel 50 foot tall. Look how Shankly turned the club around (that’s a bit of Liverpool history, maybe you should look it up!) making some average players feel they could do anything. Coupled with the fact King Kenny does know football makes him a very precious person which most Liverpool fans knew.

    We don’t believe we’re entitled to success. We just want success like every fan does for their team, being passionate and dedicated is what makes us great fans, but i guess you don’t understand that.

    And if you thought Paul Konchesky had anything to offer our club you really have no clue about football (no offense to him personally, i’m sure he’s a nice guy)

    Go back to London and never call yourself a Liverpool supporter again.

  11. Need some mustard to help eating those words, son? Maybe catch a train to London and help Hodgson wipe his nose or whatever it is he likes doing on the sidelines…

  12. Typical LFC fans, turning on their own. “You’ll never walk alone” don’t make me laugh.

    We will see where you finish.

    Good post.

  13. You would think from these comments that Liverpool have won the league. Are you seeing a different table? Delusional.

  14. RK you must really not know a lot of Newcastle fans then as the vast majority’s aim this season has just been to stay in the division. You are obviously a fool who believes in this stereotyped image of all Newcastle fans. There are a section of deluded fans I quite agree but you get that at every club up and down the country. Anyway I wish Liverpool the best of luck this season I have no problem with the club or the passionate support you generate.

  15. It’s always easier to look at things in retrospect. I am happy to admit that I was wrong about Dalglish. However the season ends in May not February……..

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