Why technology would ruin football

I like it when referees make mistakes. When they get it wrong it makes a football game. And the day that we have “consistent” referees, TV replays and goal-line technology will be one of football’s darkest days.

Just imagine how dull football would be if referees always got it right.

They’d be no more journeys home sniggering at how you’d robbed the opposition blind after an utterly unjustified sending off. No more would an utterly turgid nil-nil bore-athon be suddenly enlivened by a referee’s decision that defied natural justice.

In this anaemic utopia would a game between Reading and Watford ever pass into football legend? I’m sure Watford fans feel terribly cheated by the phantom goal, but they will forever be able to say “I was there” at an event that will be talked about 50 years from now.

You’d think in a country that won it’s only ever international trophy courtesy of a cock-up by a Russian linesman we’d be a little more reluctant to rid the game of human error.

And even when the decisions go against you, it provides a handy excuse. Does anyone really think that if Frank Lampard’s goal at the World Cup been given we’d really have gone on to win the game? I’d rather have the reassuring ambiguity of “what if” rather than have to concede we were utterly outplayed for 90 minutes.

So give me the imperfect, the flawed, the faulty, the erroneous, and the just plain wrong every time. I wouldn’t want it any other way. And, if you think about it, neither should you.


One Comment on “Why technology would ruin football

  1. Raised some good points but not sure I fully agree. The stakes to now too high in the game which has become faster, more complex with interpretation of rules and with the financial rewards at stakes to clubs mistakes are now magnified. technology can never rid mistakes as a whole but the officials need help when the game is in progress. Goal line technology used as matter of fact would be one area that can aid the game. Used in any other capacity would only spoil ‘the beautiful game’.

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