Rupert Murdoch & The Great Premier League mind trick


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In 1975 the Khmer Rouge took control of Cambodia. In order to establish a revolutionary culture in the country the past had to be destroyed. They declared Year Zero. 

In 1992 Rupert Murdoch took control of English football. In order to establish his control over the broadcast rights the past had to be destroyed. Year Zero was declared. And the expression “in Premiership history” was born.

Ask yourself, what exactly is so different between the 18 years of the Premiership and the 104 years of the Championship. 

Why should the goal-scoring records of Arthur Rowley, Pop Robson or Jimmy Greaves be consigned to the scrap heap of history. What? Just because Richard Keys wasn’t there it never happened?

Why should Huddersfield, Sunderland, Burnley, West Brom or Derby have the honour of their league title wins air brushed from history. The way pundits talk about Manchester City you’d think they’d never won anything other than a play-off final. They ought to be reminded of City’s two league titles. 

Type the words “in Premiership history” into a search engine. You might find the following:

Darren Fletcher is the most improved player in Premiership history.
Rafa Benitez is the worst manager in Premiership history.
Duncan Fletcher is the biggest thug in Premiership history.

Just look at the banality of those statements. Are they worthy of a country with a football history as rich as ours?

We should not underestimate the power of the words “In Premiership history“ or the malevolent intent behind them. They are malignant, pernicious, and propaganda. And unless you work for Rupert Murdoch there is no reason they should pass your lips.

Because Rupert Murdoch does not want us to imagine a world without him he is intent on destroying all traces of the world before him. It is mind control. If you don’t believe me, read your Orwell.


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