Fergie’s double standard?

So Fergie’s got the raging hump again with the media. It seems he didn’t like the press reporting that he called Fernando Torres a cheat, after he called him a, er, cheat.

To punish them he’s not going to speak to the media for a month. Ferguson clearly thinks this is a stand of principle. Yet it’s just another example of the grotesque cant and hypocrisy we have become regularly subjected to by the cantankerous Scot.

If Fergie now regrets this slip of the tongue, rather than chucking his toys out the pram, he should reflect on the fact that those who wage war by the sword also fall victim to it as well. Because, bar Jose Mourinho, is there anyone else in recent times who’s used the media so ruthlessly to push his own agenda?

How many times has Fergie come out with a line for the press about a referee, a player, or a team’s tactics, ahead of a big game. One designed purely to make sure decisions in the upcoming fixture go his way.

Unfortunately it seems the old curmudgeon is too used to getting his own way. Too used to slipping stories out via his favoured contacts that he’s forgotten the media aren’t simply extensions of MUTV.

The latest boycott is simply another symptom of a man who believes the football universe revolves around him. I don’t think there’s any changing the Scot at this late stage in his career. I only hope that someone prints something which so enrages the Govan gobshite that he decides to extend his self imposed ban on the BBC to the entire media and we never have to hear from him again.


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