Mystic Meg predicts the Premier League

Many football fans across the country are in pubs and offices, debating how this coming season will fare. Can Manchester United wrestle the title away from Chelsea and become league champions for an unprecedented 19th time? Will Blackpool defy the odds and stave off the threat of relegation? Who will be the surprise package of the season?

To help you hapless chumps out, I’ve looked into my crystal ball. *Queue spooky music and smoke*

League champions- Chelsea
Runners-up- Manchester United
Third & fourth- Arsenal, Liverpool
Bottom three- Wolves, WBA, Blackpool
FA Cup winners- Chelsea
League Cup winners-West Ham
Golden boot-Didier Drogba
Player of the year-Fernando Torres
Young player of the year- Phil Jones
Surprise package- Newcastle United

I’m in a good mood so here is my stab at the final league table standings as well.

1 Chelsea
2 Manchester United
3 Arsenal
4 Liverpool
5 Manchester City
6 Tottenham Hotspur
7 Everton
8 Aston Villa
9 Bolton Wanderers
10 Newcastle United
11 Sunderland
12 Fulham
13 Stoke City
14 West Ham United
15 Blackburn Rovers
16 Birmingham City
17 Wigan Athletic
18 Wolverhampton Wanderers
19 West Bromwich Albion
20 Blackpool

Start placing your bets now folks. I have just given you the football version of the national Lottery numbers. I guess time will tell if I’m more Septic Peg than Mystic Meg.


4 Comments on “Mystic Meg predicts the Premier League

  1. A top four of Man U, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal. How depressingly familiar and about as exciting a prospect as a wet weekend in Margate.

  2. Reasonable prediction overall but Wolves to be relegated? I cannot see that at all, I think they’ll be quite comfortable lower mid-table by the end. Wigan for me are certainties to go down, they cannot defend for toffee

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