Come in no. 7 – your time is up

David Beckham: Is Fabio Capello right to call time on his international career?

I’ll admit I feel a hypocrite writing this piece. Enough column inches and airtime has already been wasted on the subject. But I really am bored by the latest instalment in the David Beckham saga.

It’s pathetic isn’t it? To call it a row is to dignify it with a drama and importance it utterly lacks.

But Capello should have called him first. Becks deserves better. Well, I must have missed that important piece of etiquette in the managerial equivalent of DeBrett’s.

I’m sorry, but why exactly should Capello have done that? Because he’s David sodding Beckham – whatever that means. Why should he get a call to say he’s never playing for England again? Has, say, Paul Konchevsky had the same phone call?

And exactly how many caps do you have to get before you’re entitled to one of these special phone calls? Maybe there’s a sliding scale. Between 0-30 caps you just get a letter from the FA. From 30-75 you get a text from Stuart Pearce. After that you get  the privilege of a phone call informing you that you’re surplus to requirements.

The fact is David Beckham is a 35-year-old crock playing in a two-bob league who’s only been used by England in occasional cameo roles.

Capello was asked a question. He made a statement of the bleeding obvious. Let’s move on.


One Comment on “Come in no. 7 – your time is up

  1. But given that Beckham was part of the coaching staff in his player liaison role and a former England captain being told through the media that you wouldn’t be selected again seems needlessly harsh?

    So yes, I think there probably is an unspoken sliding scale with players with 100+ caps at one end and Michael Ricketts at the other end.

    The player liaison role should not be taken lightly. Standing pitchside all day long with refreshments can take it’s toll by the early hours of the morning.

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