A Silva lining?

David Silva: Worth his weight in gold?

Some suggest that Manchester City have a scattergun transfer policy. That Roberto Mancini hands his chairman a list of world-renowned players, and the two of them do all they can to buy every single one, regardless of whether the player is actually required or will indeed strengthen the club. Maybe that is why the £25 million signing of David Silva from Valencia has gone fairly unnoticed.

This is the same David Silva who alongside his namesake David Villa was one of Valencia’s shining lights. For the past four years their names were linked with the likes of Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Real Madrid and Barcelona.

After many valiant efforts to retain both players’ services, Valencia finally succumbed to the clubs’ crippling debt and the two prized assets were sold this summer. On 19 May Valencia’s club captain, David Villa, moved to Barcelona for £34 million in a transfer that many predict will make the all-conquering Catalans even more of an unstoppable force (as if they weren’t exhilarating and fearsome enough already).

Six weeks later, Villa’s former team-mate David Silva was confirmed as Manchester City’s second big money summer signing.

However, whilst David Villa’s transfer to the current La Liga champions has gobbled up many newspaper column inches, you will be hard pressed to find anything other than a whisper about David Silva’s move to nouveau riche Man City.

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that during this summer’s World Cup, Villa and not Silva was at the forefront of Spain’s success in the competition. With five goals and some outstanding individual displays, the man nicknamed El Guaje (The Kid) enhanced his reputation as one of the world’s leading strikers.

David Silva, on the other hand, barely featured in any of Spain’s games during the 2010 World Cup. The skillful winger was forced to look on from the bench as his teammates triumphed in South Africa.

This is a shame, as I believe Manchester City have acquired a player who will make a massive impact in the Premier League this season. Something about David Silva excites me. He has guile and skill, and is player with that rare gift to conjure something out of absolutely nothing.

Some will argue that at a meagre 5 foot 7 inches tall, Silva will struggle with the physical nature of the Premier League. That the so-called hatchet men will bully him and nullify his skill. Whilst I admit this is a possibility, Silva’s pace and sharp football brain should be enough for him to out-think and out-manoeuvre even the most robust of defenders.

In a week that many Liverpool fans have championed the free acquisition of Joe Cole, would it be foolish for me to suggest that fans of Manchester City should be rubbing their hands with glee at the prospect of seeing the younger, dare I say better version of the England international strutting his stuff at Eastlands’ this season?

As a deluge of superstar names continue to be linked with Manchester City, perhaps it won’t be James Milner, Edin Dzeko or Mario Balotelli that provides the final piece to Roberto Mancini’s jigsaw. I for one have a feeling that David Josué Jiménez Silva will be the most valuable piece in the Manchester City boss’ puzzle.


2 Comments on “A Silva lining?

  1. Well written, but I disagree with some of the points.

    We don’t know if Silva will be a star, you could be right and that his pace and football brain will be enough. But will it? He isn’t that quick by premier league standard, something that the EPL values higher than anything is raw pace, he hasn’t got that. But I can forgive that.

    His football brain may be the issue – will he have any chance to show that in the hustle and bustle of the EPL? I dunno. Man City will struggle to form a team, and Spanish players play well together. He’d have been a better fit for Liverpool or maybe at a push Arsenal. Probably the best place would have been to stay in Spain.

    He has underperformed in Spain since 2008 and didn’t start many of the Spain games because of that. Sure he was in a poor Valencia team but nevertheless he didn’t shine.

    For me I think he will be another Reyes, but twice as expensive. Sure he will score a great goal or two (Reyes V Chelsea) but ultimately I think his size, lack of pace and mainly the EPL will mean he is unsuccessful.

    Going by the Man City preseason preparations, they are going to start slow…in my opinion talk of them winning the league is premature. They have clout but they don’t have a team.

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